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AeroSIM RC is a simulator company that has put extra effort into meeting the needs of the Mikrokopter community. Because of this, AeroSIM RC is the preferred simulation software for the MK and is one of the first things an MK pilot should purchase and become very familiar with prior to flight.  Time spent on the simulator will decrease real time training time, increase needed necessary hand eye coordination needed to fly the MK and possible save thousands of dollars lost to the normal training curve accidents that occur in the learning process.

 AeroSIM RC and has added a wide selection of MK models and an invaluable set of training scenarios that will help new pilots get off the ground safer and keep others up to speed on the necessary skills needed to fly the MK on a daily basis.


AeroSIM RC is designed as a Training aid for those who want to learn to pilot a RC model.

The training is oriented to the beginner without any previous knowledge of RC.

Nowadays a RC simulator plays a very important role during the starting stages of RC learning. A great help in acquiring most of the required skills. All this is possible since many hours of practice can be flown with no repair time or cost involved, without any stress, and by performing maneuvers that would be risky for a beginner.

-Models: Quad, Hexa, Okto, Okto 2, OktoXL with stabilized SLR camera
- Improved yaw performance in MK models
- CareFree v2.0 with 'teachable' option at Receiver

Model Selection

Radio Configuration

Training Program

AeroSIM RC's Training Program is based on the BMFA requirements for Certificate 'A' exam (helicopter), and in the recommendations from experienced instructors

The syllabus is composed of 24 exercises classified in five subjects: Throttle Control, Hover, Translate, Land and Forward Flight
Any helicopter or multirotor model can be selected for the training.

The exercises are seasoned with left and right direction of flight, in order not to get used to only one direction.

The Training Program guides you through the lessons in a predetermined order. If you fail several times a lesson, the training continues to the next lesson in the program. There can be a limited number of lessons pending, but at least you will not be frustrated with any particular lesson in case it takes more attempts before you acquire the skills to pass it.

The cheat button will unlock all lessons.

You can always practice again the lessons you have already passed.

When all lessons are completed you will receive a certificate.

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The Training Program is based on the BMFA requirements for Certificate 'A' exam (helicopter), and in the recommendations from experienced instructors.

The lessons already passed are displayed in green.
The lessons attempted but failed are shown in red.
The lesson in blue is the next recommended one.
There is a red dot for each time the lesson was failed.
There is a green dot for each time the lesson was passed.

Link for the Software update

This is the perfect training for long winter evenings and while your waiting for parts.