Inflight Standards

  • Do not take risks! Your own safety and that of your environment depend on the good behavior of the pilot.
  • Always keep a distance from people, animals and objects. Improper operation can cause serious injury and property damage!
  • Never fly towards viewers and avoid overflights of spectator
  • Keep in mind that viewers could get close to the MikroKopter, without being aware of potential dangers
  • Always turn off the MikroKopter first and disconnect the flight battery before turning off the transmitter
  • Only fly in sight. In the case of a manual control, you must be able to see the position and attitude
  • Never rely 100% on functions such as GPS, compass, or altitude control. You must always be able to take manual control of the MikroKopter
  • Reduce the gas or switch off the motors in case of a crash or failure
  • Do not fly in blocked air space, such as in the vicinity of airports, etc.
  • Pay attention to undervoltage warning - a flight to empty battery can cause damage to the Lipos and crash
  • If a defect or malfunction has occurred, it must be corrected before the next start
  • In case of use of GPS, the position of the MikroKopter can change suddenly some meters.